Daily Yoga with Nadia Narain

Daily Yoga with Nadia Narain

The Daily Yoga series was created by Nadia Narain to allow the practice of yoga into your life with ease and grace. Every day is different and so are your energy levels. Before each practice take a moment to tune into yourself and feel what your body needs and what is your current state of mind. Then, if you feel you have lots of energy, practice a more dynamic session from the flowing series or if you feel tired and depleted, choose a sequence from the replenishing series to restore your vitality. There are a variety of sessions to suit your mood. This practice is about listening to your body and aligning with a practice that will allow the benefits of yoga to be fully absorbed!

Each week a new session will be added to the site.

Daily Yoga with Nadia Narain
  • Daily Yoga - Dynamic Practice

    This sequence is designed to build heat in the body to stoke your inner fire with flowing movement. The dynamic postures are synced with the breath to align the mind, body and spirit.

  • Daily Yoga - Floor Flowing Practice

    This sequence is designed to use the ground to support you in your practice. By being supported by the earth, we can often relax and go deeper into postures, allowing the breath to move into new spaces of the body.

  • Daily Yoga - Core Flowing Practice

    This sequence is designed to build a strong center for your personal power. To be truly ourselves and grounded in who we are we need a strong core. These postures will help build your solar plexus muscles so you may feel strong, stable and secure in who you are.

  • Daily Yoga - Twisting Flow Practice

    This sequence is designed to purify the body. Twists allows us to compress and release that which is stagnant or stored and no longer serves us. When we twist, we restrict our blood flow then as we release, we send fresh nutrients to an area to help detoxify ourselves both physically and spirit...

  • Daily Yoga - Restorative Yoga

    This sequence is designed to replenish the body. Stress, fear, and anxiety can deplete the body of energy. This restorative practice allows you to clear your mind, refuel your body and spirit with fresh energy so you can feel revitalized!

  • Daily Yoga - Breathing

    This sequence is about focusing on the breath as tool to destress, restore and re-energize the body. By changing the natural flow of the breath to a slow and balanced inhalation and exhalation signals the nervous system to calm the body. Changing the pattern of your breathing from short shallow...

  • Daily Yoga - Meditation

    This sequence is designed to steady the mind. Carving out time for yourself to just be still and focus on the rhythm of your breath will balance your mind and body, leaving you feeling grounded and calm.

  • Daily Yoga - Yoga Stretch

    This sequence is designed to stretch the muscles and tendons in the body. By holding each position and elongating the muscles, you can begin to relax and calm the body, allowing the breath to dissipate any remaining tension.

  • Daily Yoga - Yoga Nidra

    This sequence is a guided meditation that focuses on scanning the body and bringing attention to specific areas through breath and awareness. As you move through the layers of yourself, you can slowly move into a state of relaxed consciousness.