Featured Titles

  • Shape Up for Summer with Kate Brooks

    29 seasons

  • Rebecca Hannah - Shoulder and Back Mobility Flow

    Rebecca Hannah leads you through this Shoulder and Back Mobility Flow to counteract the effects of modern life on the body. Most of us tend to spend a lot of time in a forward crunched position whether hovered over phones or computers, this class counteracts those effects by opening the upper ba...

  • Mindfulness of Qigong

    29 seasons

  • 7 Days Pilates Challenge

    8 seasons

    Caroline Sandry’s 30 minutes per day challenge, focussing on your whole body, with abs work every day.

  • Fitness 15s

    29 items

    Commit to just 15 minutes per day for 28 days and see what results you can get. These routines will cover your whole body, and on rest days some supply yoga stretching will keep your muscles in tip top form.

  • Meditation - Deservingness read by Karin Jones

  • Complex Combinations with Weights Workout with Kate Brooks

    Complex Combinations with Weight by Kate Brooks

    This routine focuses on building your aerobic fitness through complex combinations that raise your heartbeat and get you sweating. Kate will lead you through functional body weight combinations, cardio exercise, and some weight bearing moves all d...

  • Balance & Boost Workout with Kate Brooks

    Balance & Boost Workout with Kate Brooks

    This straightforward session is designed to give you a complete workout by only using your body weight. The programme has been choreographed to create more balance in the body while also boosting your endurance and strength. This routine will help tone ...

  • Qigong Seasons - Winter Nourishment with Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer has created these Seasonal Qigong programmes to help you tune into your body and align yourself with Earth’s natural movements. In the Chinese calendar, there are five seasons: Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each season has its own energy, or qi. When we harmon...

  • Qigong Tutorials - The 18 Forms: Part 1- Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    Eighteen Forms Part 1

    In this two-part qigong tutorial video, Mimi presents a well-known and accessible form of qigong practice called the 18 Forms (Shibashi 十八式). This sequence is an excellent practice for a beginner or advanced student of qigong. It works with qualities of meditative awareness...

  • James Crossley - Yoga Flow

    A former Body Builder, Gladiator & Strong Man, James Crossley has put his body to the test. Now nearing his 50’s, he has created this yoga practice for both men and women. The flow targets the hamstrings, hip flexors and works on areas to stretch and strengthen to help support some forms of back...

  • Meditation - Repatterning Your Past