Birthlight: Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Birthlight: Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Birthlight was founded by Françoise Freedman. As a medical anthropologist at the University of Cambridge, Françoise travelled to various parts of the world studying indigenous cultures for medical research. While pregnant in the Amazon rainforest in Peru, she received advice from indigenous women on movements to do for easing discomforts and adapting to the changes in her body, experiencing benefits first hand. Over time, Françoise set about incorporating these techniques into her yoga practice and Birthlight was formed.

Birthlight's aim is a holistic approach to pregnancy to enhance the wellbeing of women and their partners through the journey of pregnancy and birth.

Birthlight: Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond
  • Birthlight - Francois Introduction

  • Birthlight - Krystal Intro

  • Birthlight - Session 1

    This sequence is a fluid yoga practice with unique postures that address a women's changing body. Please do not practice this routine if you suffer from Pelvic Pain.

  • Birthlight - Session 2

    Session 2 - This sequence is a fluid practice that introduces spiral, rolling and circular movements to match the rhythm of your body.

  • Birthlight - Session 3

    Session 3 - This sequence is mainly based on the mat and focuses on breathing awareness, spinal alignment, adapted yoga poses and rocking-movements, touch, sound and relaxation in an innovative programme.

  • Birthlight - Pregnancy Solutions

    Pregnancy Solutions - a solutions section with highly effective moves to combat problems that can occur while pregnant, such as bladder control or heartburn.

  • Birthlight - Sun Salutations

    Modified Sun Salutations - This sequence has been modified to adapt the traditional sun salutes and stretching practices of yoga to your ever changing body. The routine will keep your body limber and supple.

  • Birthlight - Meditation

    Pregnancy and birth can be a wonderful but often stressful time. This guided meditation will help you relax and de-stress with the anxiety of child birth. It can help you to focus while in labor so you can remain calm and grounded.

  • Birthlight - Post Natal Exercises

    This Post Natal Recovery session includes exercises with your baby to begin immediately after birth in the hospital, to start the healing process and help the body recover.

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