Tai Chi for Beginners - 14 Form Continuous Sequence

Tai Chi for Beginners - 14 Form Continuous Sequence

Tai Chi Chuan is an internal Chinese martial art that emphasizes balance, relaxation, coordination and looseness. Sifu Gary Wragg, one of the foremost exponents of the Wu Family Style, teaches the fundamental practices of this beautiful and health-promoting art. In this series he introduces both beginners and the more experienced to a range of authentic forms and exercises, supported by an overview of the theory and ancient philosophy that underpin this practice. The syllabus presents a breakdown of each individual form, loosening exercises, meditation and flow with a focus on breathing.

Part 2 presents a series of foundational loosening and balancing exercises. It includes the teaching of the 14 FORM – the first section of the traditional 108 Wu Style Form. It also features a demonstration of advanced sabre and sword forms.

Tai Chi for Beginners - 14 Form Continuous Sequence
  • Part 2 - 01 - Introduction

    Sifu Gary Wragg introduces the basic philosophy and theory of Tai Chi Chuan as expounded in the ancient Classic I Ching or Book of Changes, as well as the concept of Dao or “the way”. He further explains the basic origins of Tai Chi Chuan.
    The essential prerequisites of the loosening warm-up exe...

  • Part 2 - 02 - The Traditional Wu Style Sword Form Demonstration

    This beautiful fluid and graceful form is reminiscent of flowing water which is the “element” of the sword. Apart from the beauty it expresses it also reflects the deft and lethal martial uses with each movement. The correct and developed practice of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Sword further improves ...

  • Part 2 - 03 - The 14 Step Form Detailed Instruction

    Instruction of the 14 Forms with detailed attention to basic principles of practice, for accuracy of posture and breathing. Each movement is broken down for beginners to gain familiarity, and the multiple repetitions of each form allow for ease of following.
    The Hand Form represents the Earth ele...

  • Part 2 - 04 - The 14 Step Form Demonstration

    The demonstration of the 14 Form sequence shows how to practice in order to develop good balance, relaxation, smooth co-ordination, looseness and suppleness in the movements through daily practice. How to bend and stretch with control is the foundation of the journey of the internal art of Tai Ch...

  • Part 2 - 05 - The Traditional Wu Style Sabre Form Demonstration

    The Wu Style 108 Sabre Form is expressive of the Metal Element, which emphasizes the hard aspects characteristic of the weapon, in contrast to the softness of the sword. The aspect of interacting Yin and Yang – positive and negative, are unique in the alternation of softness and hardness expresse...

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