Tai Chi for Beginners - Meditation and Stillness in Movement

Tai Chi for Beginners - Meditation and Stillness in Movement

Tai Chi Chuan is an internal Chinese martial art that emphasizes balance, relaxation, coordination and looseness. Sifu Gary Wragg, one of the foremost exponents of the Wu Family Style, teaches the fundamental practices of this beautiful and health-promoting art. In this series he introduces both beginners and the more experienced to a range of authentic forms and exercises, supported by an overview of the theory and ancient philosophy that underpin this practice. The syllabus presents a breakdown of each individual form, loosening exercises, meditation and flow with a focus on breathing.

Part 3 focuses on meditation through a set of exercises that emphasize stillness and movement, as well as detailed instruction on accuracy of individual forms with a focus on breathing. Sifu Gary Wragg also demonstrates the advanced 54 Round Form.

Tai Chi for Beginners - Meditation and Stillness in Movement
  • Part 3 - 01 - Introduction

    Sifu Gary Wragg outlines the key principles of Tai Chi Chuan as meditation in movement and the concept of the Dao, or “the way”, as a state of harmony in nature – a microcosm which can be expressed in the practice of Tai Chi Chuan. Attention to stillness and movement allows for harmonization of m...

  • Part 3 - 02 - Stillness in Meditation in the 14 Step Form

    Stillness meditation exercises for improved balance and circulation of vital energy or chi/qi. Tranquility and peace of mind are the essence of this training to be calm, open and clear. Short training sessions will develop body and leg strength, a sense of rooting in the feet, and comfortable dee...

  • Part 3 - 03 - Movement in Meditation in the 14 Step Form

    Focus on smoothness in motion to support the flow of internal energy and experience graceful serenity of the continuous connected movements. Repetitive practice will enhance the development of increased awareness. Introduction of basic simple Yin /Yang breathing to focus the varying movement of t...

  • Part 3 - 04 - Advanced Wu Style 54 Round Form Demonstration

    The 54 Round Form emphasizes circularity and smoothness. It is also the form that Wu Family stylists demonstrate in national or international competitions around the world, and is also called the Wu Family Competition 54 Round Form. It is included here to show beginners what can be developed thro...

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