February 2022 - The Self Love Calendar

February 2022 - The Self Love Calendar

29 Seasons

February 2022 - The Self Love Calendar
  • Self-Love Calendar Day 22 Movie

    Episode 1

  • Strength & Stability - Practice 1

    Episode 2

    Practice 01: This flow is about connecting you to your breath and taking you through modified sun salutations at a perfect pace! Nadia shows you how to begin to strengthen and tone your muscles as she brings together special postures with balancing poses to further align the body.

  • Strength & Stability - Practice 2

    Episode 3

    Practice 02: This flow continues at a more fluid pace and begins to incorporate slightly more challenging postures to increase your muscle capacity. Moving through the sun salutations you will build heat in the body while developing the core muscles.

  • Strength & Stability - Practice 3

    Episode 4

    Practice 03: This flow focuses on increasing the strength and balance that you have incorporated into your yoga routine from Sessions 1 & 2. By adding a few challenging poses to the sun salutations and by holding poses in balancing positions, Nadia will test your muscles and fire up your core to ...

  • Strength & Stability - Shavasana

    Episode 5

    Wind down with Nadia and she talks you through a relaxing shavasana

  • Energy Healing - Self-Love Healing - Belinda Roberts

    Episode 6