May 2022 - The Spring Calendar

May 2022 - The Spring Calendar

32 Seasons

This month we thought we would just focus on Yoga + Meditations + Healings to bring in renewal. Each day there will be a yoga session and a meditation or healing to end the day.

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May 2022 - The Spring Calendar
  • Yoga for Everyone - Yoga Series with Nadia Narain - Beginners Moving Meditation

    Episode 1

    Beginners Moving Meditation – This slow moving meditation will help unwind the body and the mind, leaving you calm and relaxed.

  • Meditation - Self-Worth

    Episode 2

    This guided meditation is designed to help you build self-worth.

    This meditation may make you feel very relaxed so we recommend playing this recording at a time when you can rest afterwards. It does not matter if you fall asleep, you will still benefit from the audio.

    Just press play and ...