January 2023 - The Intentions Calendar

January 2023 - The Intentions Calendar

32 Seasons

As the start of 2023 begins, we want you to forget resolutions that never last and think of setting intentions. We want you to make 2023 the year you focus on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves so you can be whole. The practices in this month are meant to fit into your life with ease and grace. So we designed a physical workout to challenge you cardiovascularly on some days while adding a qigong practice or Tai Chi practice or healing or meditation to help you emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. These routines are all doable and easy to follow so you can easily fit these practices in your week and stay consistent.

In addition we have a new meditation, Deservingness. This meditation focuses on clearing your subconscious of any feelings of unworthiness. They say you get the life your subconscious (not your conscious) believes you deserve. This meditation dives deep to clear any feelings of lack or smallness or limiting beliefs so you may live your biggest, best life! The life you deserve!

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January 2023 - The Intentions Calendar
  • Qigong Tutorials - The 18 Forms: Part 2 - Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    Episode 1

    Eighteen Forms Part 2

    In this two-part qigong tutorial video, Mimi presents a well-known and accessible form of qigong practice called the 18 Forms (Shibashi 十八式). This sequence is an excellent practice for a beginner or advanced student of qigong. It works with qualities of meditative awareness...

  • Qigong Flow: The Eighteen Forms with Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    Episode 2

    Eighteen Forms (Shibashi 十八式) Mimi presents these eighteen Forms using fluid, unbroken movements and visualisations that help us connect more intimately to the elements of the natural world and its harmonious state of balance.