30 Days Ultimate Pilates Workout

30 Days Ultimate Pilates Workout

31 Seasons

Pilates: 30 Days Ultimate Pilates Workouts is a compilation set of all Caroline Sandry’s best Pilates workouts and a brand new title, 30 Days Yoga + Pilates. These routines are designed to get you in great shape in just one month! This collection includes over 3 and a half hours of exercises to strengthen and tone your body. Each day Caroline will lead you through a specific routine that can be squeezed into the busiest of days. All you need to do is follow along to the Daily Workout Calendar and you will begin to see results in no time.

These sessions follow the simple Pilates method with some added benefits of Yoga to focus on building a powerful core, a strong upper and lower body, all while shrinking your waistline. The results will make you stand taller, feel better and look slimmer!

30 Days Ultimate Pilates Workout
  • Pilates in Motion with Caroline Sandry - Core Routine

    Episode 1

    This Core Routine is especially focused on the Pilates Principles. Caroline constantly reminds you to 'bring your navel to spine' as you move to the beat. High knees and a variety of core exercises will get that heart racing and flatten that tummy!

  • 30 Day Yoga + Pilates - Core Workout

    Episode 2

    Core Workout – This workout uniquely combines yoga postures with the Pilates method to build a strong, stable center.