30 Days to Flat Abs with Caroline Sandry

30 Days to Flat Abs with Caroline Sandry

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Pilates: 30 Days to Flat Abs is designed to help you train your core to be stronger and more toned in just one month. These 7 x 10-minute routines incorporated into Caroline’s Daily Workout Calendar will strengthen your muscles and create a firmer tummy. All you need to do is follow Caroline’s carefully laid out day-to-day schedule. These choreographed routines will strengthen and tone your entire core; your upper, mid and lower back, your waist, tummy, bottom and pelvis making you stronger and slimmer.

Why is it important for you to have strong abs? Because when our abdominal muscles are weak it can have a knock-on effect on how you feel in life! A weak core can leave you with a backache, a big tummy, no definition in your waist, poor posture, less power, and can make you look and perform older than your years. Once you strengthen your core muscles, they will help to support your spine and keep your tummy muscles drawn in. Your spine will be more upright, your shoulders pulled back and you’ll seem taller and slimmer, leaving you feeling more energised and more confident.

This program consists of a 30 Day Plan or you may choose one of the individual workouts:
Pilates Tutorial: Correct alignment is key in Pilates so be sure to watch the tutorial prior to beginning the programme so you can make yourself familiar with Pilates terms such as Neutral Spine, etc. Caroline will lead you through the foundational moves of Pilates so you can get the most out of each posture and make sure you stay healthy and strong!

Warm Up: A full body warm up to prepare your body for exercise. This can be performed before you begin your workout, or at any time of day or night that you feel you need to stretch.

Level 1 Pilates: This basic Pilates routine helps you to build a good foundation for more advanced moves later. As with building a house, strong foundations mean a strong body and good results.

Pilates for Posture: These exercises are designed to help open your chest and strengthen your upper back whilst also toning your midsection.

Standing Abs: These fun exercises will challenge your balance, strengthen the muscles of your bottom and pelvis whilst sculpting your waist and flattening your abs.

Level 2 Pilates: The moves become more challenging now in level 2 and these exercises will quickly develop your strength and core control

Core Strengthener: As the name suggests, this routine will really challenge your mid-section with a great set of Caroline’s favourite exercises.

Level 3 Pilates: Designed to challenge your body more, level 3 Pilates will help you sculpt your waist, flatten your abs and ‘draw in’ the muscles of the entire torso. Try this routine twice back-to-back for killer abs!

Supercharged Abs: Supercharged abs uses a set of dumbbells (or tin cans/bottles of water) to really make a difference. Now you have a solid foundation, up the ante with this killer routine at least once a week for a strong and toned set of abs and great posture.

To Download the 30 day calendar please see below

30 Days to Flat Abs with Caroline Sandry